It’s that more or less festive time of preparing for Christmas right now….
I hear my radio in the background:
‘Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun, it’s the season, love and understanding, merry Christmas everyone’.
5 minutes ago, I saw these horrible scenes of the war in Syria. A terrible report showed death and massacre on TV on prime time…. what does people lead to the actions that are beyond any human beings’ understanding? At roughly 4 hours flight time, hundreds of thousands of people are dying, while we’re singing Christmas carols, while we gather around a table filled with loads of food and drinks, a Christmas tree is standing in the corner of the livingroom and candles lite the cozy decorated livingroom…. It makes me wonder: ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?’

Two weeks ago, I was lying on a white, tropical beach in Jamaica, enjoying a bright sunshine, all these palm trees, blue sea and a great cocktail…….. Yes, I was fully aware of the fact, that it was a bargain we hopped on this time. Jamaica with it’s reggae music and tropical fruit cocktails…..what a contrast with the images of the devastating destruction, the loss of human lives and the hatred that is cried out at certain moments…..
It brings an odd feeling, a feeling of being aware that so many people are suffering, where we’re taking a holiday as an in between break from the busy daytime…..
Let’s worry about next year only from next year…….Is that too easy? Or is it too complex to worry about the situation of all these people, who are caught in the war, despite the fact that they are also just civillians like me, who were in the right place at the wrong time?
So far, is the only thing to do, try to keep an eye on the situation, think about the people involved and give them a prayer some itme?
We were so much enjoying the (above- and underwater) scenery of this beautiful Caribbean Island, it has brought us a number of great memory to cherish.

It might probably be the best, not to think about the situation of destruction too often, where we can also have these pics taken.
Let’s enjoy the Christmas festivities with an open mind for all that is happening around us, be aware about what we can do in our little world, the world might be a better place when starting to improve it by yourself……..

Merry christmas and all the best for the Newyear !