Well, it’s been a while since you’ve seen new posts on this blog….. loads going on, lots to do and also never enough time….it’s a well known story for many of you dear readers, probably even recognizable too…..

I get questions quite regularly about my online presence lately….I’m on Twitter and Facebook, I have a little website, but it’s not a blogging kind of thing…. Sometimes I put some photo’s (or better said ‘snapshots’ smiley) online and I might even write a post about what I’m doing, experiencing, should be (or not be) doing or why I’m currently not really blogging like real bloggers do….

It seems to be some specific thing, blogging…. Maybe when I look at it, I sometimes do like to put down my thoughts, my pics, my visions and my experiences online, but at the same time, almost immideately, 2 questions pop up in my mind, first: “what’s in it for you guys and dolls?” and secondly: “why would I want you guys and dolls be interested in the first place?”

I still haven’t figured out the answer to that last one (yet) but I do know an explanation to the first one: if it’s not for you, it wouldn’t need to be published in the first place….
So that’s a relief, if I’m gonna publish something here, it might be of interest for you, or at least I think it is…..
Will I talk about travel ? Yes ! Will I talk about diving ? Yes ! Will I talk about me ? Just a little maybe…. Will I talk about politics ? Probably as little as possible, because a politician talks too much already, and I obviously don’t want to sound like one… smiley
Will I talk about you ? Don’t know….. might be nice, maybe I will talk about ‘you in general’ and not about ‘you specifically’.

So for my, that blogging thing is a beginner’s thing, I have to create a mindset here, content is key and there are loads of ideas and specialisms I could talk about…it will be a challenge and a nice way of keeping myself busy, as if I wasn’t busy enough already.

Just a little thing to be worrying about would be the frequency of articles appearing….
Well, just follow my leads on Twitter or Facebook, and you’ll notice anything that appears on my blog and website.

Cheers for now, let’s hope to quickly meet again !