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Ik kreeg een gratis weblog bij mijn website ruimte.
Als oudere jongere een weblog beginnen, da's wel een uitdaging. Maar er is genoeg om over te schrijven, want de wereld staat nooit stil (en ik ook niet trouwens...) en daarnaast hoop ik dat er ergens in die wereld iemand is mijn verhalen dusdanig interessant vindt dat ik het niet helemaal voor niks doe. Want ik mag het wel leuk vinden om hier wat te schrijven zo nu en dan, een beetje interactie is zeer welkom, en helpt mij weer vooruit, want ook bloggen kun je volgens mij leren....misschien wordt het ooit nog eens wat. En die interactie kan via de commentaren in dit blog, via mijn website, email en via twitter. Leuk om nog eens van je te horen !

With my webspace came a free webblog.
Starting a blog as an elderly youngster, that's quite a challenge. But there's plenty to write about, because the world never stands still (and neither do I ....) so I hope that somewhere in that world, there is someone that thinks my stories are worth reading, so I'm not doing this for nothing.
I do like to write here occasionally, but some interaction is very welcome, and helps me to move forward, I think blogging is something you actually can learn.... someday it might even be worthwile reading for more than just my friends and family.
You can interact via the comments in this blog, through my website, email or via twitter. Nice to hear from you again!


Travel Planning

Marcellinho Posted on za, januari 14, 2017 14:28:49

Yes, my air tickets are booked, I’ll travel to Thailand again this time ! Looking forward to 3 weeks in the “land of smiles” ! smiley

It will be a repeated experience for me, as I’ve been here a few times already, but this time, wife and kids will join, so we’re up for a family holiday experience, can’t wait !
My kids are of the same breed, globetrotters as well whenever they can, so it will be an experience to never forget.

As we all know, planning is half the fun already, so looking at where to go and what to do is really making choices…….there’s so much to see and do, but there’s also so little time…

Arriving in Bangkok after a 15 hours flight itinerary will make me want to go exploring immideately. A few temples, the reclining Buddha and the Grand Palace are on the list in Bangkok, as are a bike tour and a klongs boattrip. For the remaining of the time, we’ll be relaxing by a pool or enjoying the delicious Thai food…..

I’ll plan a few hikings and trekkings in the jungle near Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, upon arrival by night train from Bangkok. I’ve done that before, and it was impressive.

Next stop will be Krabi where we fly to from Chiang Mai. We’ll hop on a ferry to take us to Phi Phi Islands. A fabulous beach resort, offering great scuba diving opportunities awaits us for a stay of a few days, and I’m looking forward to diving with loads of marine life eg. manta rays, whale sharks, loads of fish and leopard sharks already !

After that we will be in Kao Sok national parc, where we’ll discover nature at it’s finest.
are already looking forward to experience this also, especially a stay
in a jungle hut and meeting monkeys and elephants makes them curious and
ready to go smiley.

Another fabulous part of the itinerary will be Kanchanaburi, with River Kwai Bridge and the Yeath Museum as top must sees !
I was so impressed by the Yeath museum the first time I was there, I’ll make it a “must see” for my kids as well. There is a lot of Dutch history there as well, so that made it very real, apart from the overall experience to look what happened there.

Let’s see how this will turn out to be, as I said earlier, the planning is already half the fun, and looking at all these travel opportunities makes me feel curious. There is a lot to plan, so that will keep me busy for some time to come.

Any insider tips about what to see and where to go are always welcome !

Happy travels !


Christmas time

Marcellinho Posted on do, december 22, 2016 01:33:09

It’s that more or less festive time of preparing for Christmas right now….
I hear my radio in the background:
‘Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun, it’s the season, love and understanding, merry Christmas everyone’.
5 minutes ago, I saw these horrible scenes of the war in Syria. A terrible report showed death and massacre on TV on prime time…. what does people lead to the actions that are beyond any human beings’ understanding? At roughly 4 hours flight time, hundreds of thousands of people are dying, while we’re singing Christmas carols, while we gather around a table filled with loads of food and drinks, a Christmas tree is standing in the corner of the livingroom and candles lite the cozy decorated livingroom…. It makes me wonder: ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?’

Two weeks ago, I was lying on a white, tropical beach in Jamaica, enjoying a bright sunshine, all these palm trees, blue sea and a great cocktail…….. Yes, I was fully aware of the fact, that it was a bargain we hopped on this time. Jamaica with it’s reggae music and tropical fruit cocktails…..what a contrast with the images of the devastating destruction, the loss of human lives and the hatred that is cried out at certain moments…..
It brings an odd feeling, a feeling of being aware that so many people are suffering, where we’re taking a holiday as an in between break from the busy daytime…..
Let’s worry about next year only from next year…….Is that too easy? Or is it too complex to worry about the situation of all these people, who are caught in the war, despite the fact that they are also just civillians like me, who were in the right place at the wrong time?
So far, is the only thing to do, try to keep an eye on the situation, think about the people involved and give them a prayer some itme?
We were so much enjoying the (above- and underwater) scenery of this beautiful Caribbean Island, it has brought us a number of great memory to cherish.

It might probably be the best, not to think about the situation of destruction too often, where we can also have these pics taken.
Let’s enjoy the Christmas festivities with an open mind for all that is happening around us, be aware about what we can do in our little world, the world might be a better place when starting to improve it by yourself……..

Merry christmas and all the best for the Newyear !


Blogging ?? Yes or No???

Marcellinho Posted on zo, februari 28, 2016 18:25:21

Well, it’s been a while since you’ve seen new posts on this blog….. loads going on, lots to do and also never enough time….it’s a well known story for many of you dear readers, probably even recognizable too…..

I get questions quite regularly about my online presence lately….I’m on Twitter and Facebook, I have a little website, but it’s not a blogging kind of thing…. Sometimes I put some photo’s (or better said ‘snapshots’ smiley) online and I might even write a post about what I’m doing, experiencing, should be (or not be) doing or why I’m currently not really blogging like real bloggers do….

It seems to be some specific thing, blogging…. Maybe when I look at it, I sometimes do like to put down my thoughts, my pics, my visions and my experiences online, but at the same time, almost immideately, 2 questions pop up in my mind, first: “what’s in it for you guys and dolls?” and secondly: “why would I want you guys and dolls be interested in the first place?”

I still haven’t figured out the answer to that last one (yet) but I do know an explanation to the first one: if it’s not for you, it wouldn’t need to be published in the first place….
So that’s a relief, if I’m gonna publish something here, it might be of interest for you, or at least I think it is…..
Will I talk about travel ? Yes ! Will I talk about diving ? Yes ! Will I talk about me ? Just a little maybe…. Will I talk about politics ? Probably as little as possible, because a politician talks too much already, and I obviously don’t want to sound like one… smiley
Will I talk about you ? Don’t know….. might be nice, maybe I will talk about ‘you in general’ and not about ‘you specifically’.

So for my, that blogging thing is a beginner’s thing, I have to create a mindset here, content is key and there are loads of ideas and specialisms I could talk about…it will be a challenge and a nice way of keeping myself busy, as if I wasn’t busy enough already.

Just a little thing to be worrying about would be the frequency of articles appearing….
Well, just follow my leads on Twitter or Facebook, and you’ll notice anything that appears on my blog and website.

Cheers for now, let’s hope to quickly meet again !


Scuba Diving, again..!

Marcellinho Posted on zo, december 15, 2013 20:19:17

Last summer, I’ve picked up the diving adventures again.
As if I wasn’t busy enough already….. smiley
The beautiful weather we had last summer and the scuba diving videos I saw on the internet, made me reailize that I wanted to get diving again, after all those years. So this time it was once again time to actually get going, instead of dreaming about it as I have been doing the past years. Years ago, before my kids came into my life, I was an Advanced Open Water Diver and I travelled the world in my job as a travel agent. I have dived in some beautiful divesites, all over the world, admiring the great underwater world….

My log says I ‘ve been in Cyprus waters, I find dives logged in Hurghada, Egypt and I’ve been diving in Mauii , Bali and Cuba
Well, in those days, my travelling was a lot easier, (more specifically, you might read cheaper here… ) because there were no children who had to join…. That’s all changed now and therefore my current holiday destinations are mainly in Europe. But here we are, my kids now have the ages to be able to learn diving themselves, so I thought it might be time to introduce them into the fabulous underwaterworld.

That’s why I decided to ask my good friend Google smiley, to give me an advise of a good PADI dive store in my neighbourhood, and to my surprise, Google found a 5 star PADI dive center in a nearby village. How cool is that ! After a brief introduction there, I got my first two dives again since years ….. In the Netherlands, in Vinkeveen this time, surely something else than Mauii or Bali , but well, this might be the start of a really nice hobby, that I was dreaming about for years but never picked up because of …. well, because of what ? In fact, I can’t figure it out… it simply never came that far again…. smiley
The knowledge I had gained during my PADI Open Water and Advanced training turned out somewhat rusty, so to speak. My Scuba Review tought me, I had to repeat it all again…. so the PADI theory booklet has been my companion for a few weeks and my Divemaster was the best help I could wish for. So after a few weeks, my first dive after all these years would take place in Vinkeveen. With 5 metres visability and a 20 * C watertemperature, that was a little challenge, but with two instructors and my buddy who also did the Review I got the necessary exercises done, and therefore the restart was good !

After that, we had a second dive and it felt more comfortable and relaxed, exercises went fine again and after having swum around we could play around at a small boat wreck and an old bus. Then the instructor showed us a really nice big eel and after that, this dive was over. We logged these dives and the experience of these terriffic adventures were analysed to the detail. smiley

Now, it’s winter here in the Netherlands. It’s too cold for me to keep diving at this time. But since the review, I’ve been diving under guidance several times and it is a blast. The diving in the Netherlands is beautiful, and to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be so special as it turned out to be, yes, it’s something completely different if you compare to diving in Egypt or Bali…. I see no octopus or barracuda, no parrotfish and no turtles. The visability is not at all comparable to the view in Cyprus or Mauii and allthough the water is a lot colder, I’m glad that I found the opportunity to pick it up again…. As I said, I’ve had several dives since the review, and even did a PPB specialty, it’s great and I’m sure it will be the restart of a great hobby and furthermore, it will give me the opportunity to spend some time on doing what I like very much: getting to know the natural underwater world and enjoying the outdoors in a way that is special and adventurous.

I hope to poste some more blogposts here and keep you all informed on my diving whereabouts.


Kerstmis ??

Marcellinho Posted on za, december 07, 2013 15:26:57

Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet zijn weer naar Spanje. De cadautjes die deze Sint gekocht had zijn weer goed terecht gekomen. De cadeautjes die deze Sint gekregen had, waren minder succesvol. Want de Sint had mij o.a. bedacht met een of ander zelfgeknutseld kluis gebeuren waar een presentje van mijn lijstje inzat, verborgen in een hoop stinkende viezigheid….

Leuk, zo’n pakjes avond met surprises…. Het wellicht bekende dobbelspelletje maakte de avond af en de vooraf genoten gourmet maaltijd stinkt nog steeds door de huiskamer. Een van de andere cadeautjes was een mooie broek, maatje groot…iets te groot bleek later, en dus stond ik er zojuist mee in de winkel om te ruilen voor een maatje kleiner….. jawel, kleiner ! En toen ik onderweg was naar het winkelcentrum bleek dat we ons blijkbaar al weer opmaken voor het volgende feest.
2 dagen Kerstmis komen eraan. Dat we daar 3 weken aggressieve commerciele middenstand voor moeten overleven is blijkbaar bijzaak. Terwijl ik een maatje kleiner aan het passen was, schalde Wham met hun Last Christmas al weer door de winkel. ’t Zou de Last Time moeten zijn dat ‘ie gedraaid werd…. En als iemand het daar niet mee eens is, laten we dan verlost blijven van dat gedoe tot in ieder geval zo’n beetje de 20e van deze donkere decembermaand….

Toen ik net naar het winkelcentrum reed kwam ik wel 3 auto’s tegen die een kerstboom ingeladen hadden. Het begint ook steeds vroeger op Kerst te lijken, in ’t dorp kom je ook al niet meer onder de kerstmuziek en kerstverlichting uit. En je doet er gewoon aan mee, of je wilt of niet…want je komt er inderdaad niet onderuit.

Maar, ehm… Kerst ging toch over Jezus ? De herders ? Jozef en Maria ? Het lijkt er niet meer op tegenwoordig….. Kerstinkopen doen doe je eigenlijk elke dag, van nu tot Kerstmis. Want overal schalt de kerstmuziek uit de speakers, ik ben al 2 kerstmannen tegengekomen en er liggen meer pakjes onder de boom bij dat grote warenhuis dan ik ooit onder mijn boom heb durven leggen… en met 3 kinderen liggen er echt wel een aardig aantal onder…. Het zal wel zo moeten…. Straks zitten we weer met zijn allen, quasi verplicht, bij elkaar voor het kerstdiner. En dan heb ik nog mazzel want voor mij is het geen sociaal verplicht nummer, mijn gezelschap is al jaren het zelfde clubje, nl vrouw en kinderen en verder familie en schoonfamilie die nog wel regelmatig bij elkaar over de vloer komen. Bij mijn maat is dat anders, die kan zijn schoonouders niet luchten of zien, (en vise versa geldt het zelfde heb ik me laten vertellen) maar zit wel aan de kerst tafel met dat gezellige stel…. want tja, dat schijnt er zo bij te horen. Elk jaar is dat weer de zenuwslopende afsluiting van het jaar en elk jaar loopt dat weer uit op een stilzwijgende verlenging: ” Tot volgend jaar ” ….

Ik zou bijna zeggen, hou toch op en ga lekker op reis. En nu ik dat zo zeg, wordt ik er meteen weer aan herinnerd, want er komen weer wat vliegtuigen over mijn huis gedenderd….ik woon tenslotte onder de aanvliegroute van de Kaagbaan…. misschien moet ik inderdaad maar eens in zo’n ding gaan zitten en met Kerst wat leuks in het buitenland gaan doen…… zo’n traditionele Kerst in Oostenrijk of Tsjechie waar ze nog zingend onder de kerstboom zitten….dat lijkt me wel wat. We zullen zien, als ik dit zo lees kom ik opeens ook in de kerststemming…..zo hebben ‘ze’ het toch weer voor elkaar….

Geld moet rollen hoorde ik laatst zo’n politicus zeggen, en als ik zo teruglees wat ik zojuist geschreven heb, ga ik me daar ook maar eens goed schuldig aan maken dit jaar….. Laten we zeggen dat het voor het hogere doel gaat zijn…. dan kan ik het in ieder geval nog afschuiven op het feit dat ik het doe omdat ik de crisis mede wil bestrijden…. Niet dat die paar Euro’s de crisis gaat oplossen, maar de gedachte dat het een kleine bijdrage is in het grotere geheel, maakt dan dat ik het wel weer durf te verantwoorden…. zo zie je maar, zo’n blog schrijven levert soms toch nog mooie ideeen op…. Ho, ho, ho….. !


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